Saturday, November 8, 2008

State Job Matching

Ohio has just transitioned from its older SCOTI system (Sharing Career Opportunities ---) to the new Ohio Means Jobs system.

SCOTI is no longer available. It used to be at this site If you go there you will receive this message and be redirected to the new site.

Ohio's statewide job matching system has been developed into a more comprehensive tool found at If you are not automatically forwarded to the new site in the next few moments, click on the following link, or copy and paste it in the address box of your web browser.

I mention SCOTI because you may hear it referred to and I want to let you know what its about.

The SCOTI replacement is Some Career Counselors will tell you to ignore SCOTI, this isn't good advice, if you hear a reference to SCOTI, just know that it has been replaced by OMJ and go there.

I have a newer post that delves into OMJ in detail.

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