Monday, December 29, 2008

Ohio Means Jobs

OMJ Under the Covers

Our local unemployment office (Employment Connections) uses a site called Ohio Means Jobs (OMJ). This post will dig into it a little. This site uses two main partners - Monster and Indeed. See the previous post about how these two partners in OMJ fit into your overall jobsearch.

OMJ Monster

When you register with OMJ, you will be registered to You can enter up to 5 resumes and select which one you want to have visible to prospective employers.

OMJ Indeed

The OMJ advanced search uses the public Indeed service. If you have a fairly simple search, this may suffice, but with a little extra work you can get better results. Rather than use OMJs advanced search, you should register for your own Indeed account so that your searches and found jobs can be remembered.

The bottom menu lists two more Indeed features - Job Trends and Salaries. A third feature Forums is not listed. This allows a wide range of JobSeeker info to be exchanged. The forum is organized in the following major categories - Company, Job, City, General.

OMJ Menu

The menu is a little cluttered. There is a top menu (Employer, Job Seeker, Events, Featured Links, The State of Perfect Balance), described in the following paragraphs and a bottom menu that duplicates the top menu with a few additions. The page is split into two halves - Employers and Job Seekers, then there are the four choices under Job Seekers (right half) - Post a Resume, Maintain Resume, Advanced Job Search, Register.

The first time you should select Register and so you can register to Monster. Post a Resume describes Monster, then goes to the Login Page, you might as well goto Maintain which takes you right to the Monster login page. The Advanced Job Search menu option takes you to the public Indeed Search.

So of all these Jobseeker (right half) menu options, use Maintain Resume to update your resume with Monster and just goto Indeed and login to get the most from it.

OMJ Job Seeker

This top menu item takes you to a page describing the two partners (Indeed and Monster) and showing just the Jobseeker links found on the Featured Links page. On the left side (top) you will find employer (front page left side) links and on the bottom you will find the jobseeker (front page right side) links of which Maintain Resume
is the most useful.

OMJ Events

This top menu item lists events throughout the state, so many may not be applicable. I've noticed that many events aren't listed here either, so you will still find important events listed at the Employment Connection Office or the Maple Hts (Career Center Section upstairs) library branch.

OMJ Featured Links

This top menu item takes you to a page that has three groups of links for Employers, Job Seekers, and Workforce Professionals (people who help others find jobs).

Find the nearest "one stop" directs you to the Employment Connections page. "One stop" is what the Unemployment Office used to be called, but you will still find this old term in use on some web pages. Several links take you to Labor Market Information (LMI) pages. Resumes and Cover Letters takes you to the Riley Guide web site, there are other job advice pages you may want to look at too.

Two other major organizations - Job and Family Services (JFS) and Workforce Development contain info for jobseekers. The Ohio Workforce Info page takes you to another group of links maintained by JFS.

OMJ State of Perfect Balance

This top menu item takes you to a page aimed at attracting employers to the state of Ohio.

OMJ Bottom Menu

As I mentioned above, there is a bottom menu that mostly repeats the top menu. There are two notable additions pointing to Indeed.

One item is Job Trends pointing to an Indeed page that features a particular job trend with a menu of past job trends listed in a right sidebar.

Another item is Salaries that takes you to an Indeed page with a Salary Search box asking for the job and location. There is also a right sidebar menu of sample salaries.

In summary

The first and last top menu links are directed at employers, the middle three top menu items (jobseeker, events, and featured links) are of interest to jobseekers.

Of all the right half jobseeker choices, only Maintain Resume is useful.

Oh what a tangled web they have woven... See the Companion Jobseeker Group Pages section and posts that are tagged with EmpConn for advice on how to navigate jobseeker web pages.

Status: Second Draft - Last updated 01/01/08 11 PM


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