Sunday, December 7, 2008


The Adobe Portable Document is a widespread standard that ensures the recipient will see the file the same way you did. PDF is standard format that is device independent. It allows you to send files that everyone can read and that can’t be edited. The full Adobe product is comprehensive and expensive. An alternative is to use a PDF Print Driver to produce PDF documents.

One such product can be obtained at no charge from

Download CUTEPDF Writer and Converter. Install the Converter first then CUTEPDF. You will now have a new driver and may choose it to create a PDF file. You will see a Save As dialog box to specify the name of the PDF file.

If you have the newest MS Office 2007 you can click Save as, then "Find Add-Ins for other File Formats" from any MS Office program. An Office Help menu will open and it will contain a link to the download page. The Microsoft Genuine Office validation will be invoked to ensure you have a properly licensed product on the PC you are downloading too. This requires that you use Internet Explorer and Allow an ActiveX to be installed. After your license is validated you will be returned to the download page and can download and install. Installing this update once applies to all Office products. You can then Save As in PDF or Microsoft's XPS format (competition to PDF). PDF is much more widely available than XPS.

The advantage of the PDF Print Driver is that it works with any product.

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Barry said...

Another alternative, for the real hardcore nerds amongst us, is to use LaTeX to write resumes and generate PDFs.

All the tools are open source and free. LaTeX gives you ultimate control over formatting and typesetting. You can organize snippets from your resume in separate files and generate custom resumes by writing a short master file to include the appropriate bits tailored for the audience.

Of course, the disadvantage is that this is really only useful to the hardcore nerds amongst us: if you do not know what LaTeX is, then you really, really are not interested.