Monday, November 3, 2008

Business Cards

You never know when you will have a networking opportunity and you want to be ready. The business card is the easiest way to deal with that. I print up business cards with the "Label" function of Microsoft Word to address several audiences.

Having a long career should be a benefit, but in reality it scares people away. "Oh gosh you are so experienced we don't have a job like that, you wouldn't be happy." Somehow the idea of going broke waiting for the perfect job turns 0ut to be a pretty unhappy experience too, but they don't always understand that. So I have become adept at the "dumbing down" process, something that is in stark contrast to someone who is fresh out of school and needs to "dream up" experience.

I carry four Business Cards...

Full Credentials

If I am meeting with someone and can risk putting forth my full credentials, then I have a business card with all of them. Name, contact, LinkedIn URL, and "Actively seeking..." on the front, major skills on the back.

Professional Job

Like the previous card but no LinkedIn URL (because it has most of my resume) and none of my niche major skills on the back. This way I don't get a rejection because they don't have a need for those niche skills.

Need a Job

Very basic, Name, Contact.


Sometimes you need to give someone info that's not on your card, or maybe you want some info from them and would rather not have it scribbled on a napkin that could get tossed by mistake. This is when you just take a page of business card stock, separate it into 10 blank cards and keep a few in your wallet.

What works best for you, well you decide. But one size doesn't fit all and targeting is the name of the game. So you decide.

Status: First Draft

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