Saturday, November 8, 2008

What is

Seriously help me out, I need to know. It seems redundant with the Employment Connection Online Enrollment (Second Square).

When I try to enroll I get a general error message. Working in the computer industry for 30 years, I'm usually not stumped by computer issues, frustrated sure, but not stumped.

It asks for your SSN, I put in just the nine digits, that didn't work, so I tried to add dashes, their wasn't enough room for the digits. I even tried just the last four digits, as they use in their other systems. The first password wasn't "hard", but it was 6-8 digits. I asked if there were any other requirements and got the now frequent response "I dunno". So I provided a "hard" password, typically that is at least 6 characters, capital and lower case and also numeric.

Still the same lame error message "-->We could not register you based on the information provided. Please review it."

I tried to get help at the resource center on a Friday afternoon one hour before closing and everyone was bailing out like rats leaving a drowning ship.

Seriously, give me a hint... Thanks... You can comment here (even anonymously without a blogger ID if you must).

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