Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm back

My jobsearch is getting back into high gear and I'll be updating this blog with new content.  Some of my older posts may have dated content, I've reviewed each of them, and many are still very relevant today too.  One's that need major updates are labeled "Dated", ones that need minor updates but are still accurate are labeled "ToBeUpdated".

I'm very flexible to a wide range of opportunities in IT (from enterprise data centers to consumer PCs), training, tech writing and many other possibilities. I'm also open to part time, full time, or contract.

So my initial observations on the job search front are:

  • CVJS is an excellent resource, join and get access active email list and to their web archive of great materials.
  • CCPL has great classes, computers for use, several job clubs, and the Maple Hts branch has a special collection of career material.
  • Employment Connection was a wonderful resource a few years ago, but they have cut back tremendously since then.

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